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DOT Physical Examinations

 DOT/CDL & HOISTING Medical Cards Available Here

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Dr. Howard Austrager, a certified medical examiner, has performed over 4000 DOT Physical Exams. He knows what it takes to keep you on the road. His experience helps him get through the exam efficiently with no wasted time. Our prices are competitive and we strive for excellent customer service.

No more paperwork. Everything is done on an ipad.

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Dr. Howard Austrager, a Framingham chiropractor is on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. He offers quick and convenient service that helps commercial drivers fulfill regulatory requirements for their DOT Physical Exam. All commercial motor vehicle drivers are required to have a DOT Physical at least every two years. This also may be called a CDL Medical Exam or CDL Physical Exam. The examination also fulfills the medical requirement for a Hoisting License.

If you live in Massachusetts and need a DOT Physical Exam, you can obtain a DOT Medical Card the SAME DAY at Framingham chiropractor, Dr. Howard Austrager’s office located at Metrowest Spine Clinic 235 Walnut Street, Framingham, MA 01702. In virtually all cases we will provide an examination within one work day and will strive to provide a same-day appointment if at all possible.

Dr. Austrager performs DOT Pre-employment and Random Drug testing. We provide a non-stressful environment and same day appointments are available. The cost is $55 for the drug test. There is only a 24-48 hr. turnaround time for the results.

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What to expect at your DOT Examination:

Please avoid smoking and/or drinking coffee prior to your appointment as this can affect your results.

1. Wear comfortable clothes. Sign in at the front desk. We will supply the required forms, including the DOT Medical Examination Report with “Driver Information” and “Health History” sections included. You will complete your sections at the office.

2. Dr. Austrager will perform an examination, including:

a. Review of your health history

b. Urine test (Not a drug test)

c. A simple physical exam including height, weight, blood pressure, pulse

rate, breathing, eyes, ears, etc.

3. We’ll complete your Medical Examination Report form and a Medical Examiner’s Certificate as appropriate. You will be able to take the completed documents with you.

4. If you need, we can fax the DOT physical form and certificate to your company.

We also can send the form to your primary care provider at your request.

Payment is $69.00 and the payment options are cash or credit/debit card

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